Weekly Advocacy Alert – 15-2015

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The Department of Energy

Request for Bids for Electricity under the Cogeneration IPP Procurement Programme

Summary of Intent

Given South Africa’s urgent need for additional electricity supply to limit the impact of the current supply constraints and the impacts of loadshedding on the economy, CAIA highlights this request for bids for the supply of electricity through cogeneration. As communicated previously, the chemical sector may have the highest contribution to make in terms of cogenerated electricity supply in South Africa (whether for own use and/or supply to the grid) and members are therefore requested to consider this invitation to reduce their level of dependence on the grid.A non-refundable fee of R14 500 per prospective project is payable to the Department.Your membership level does not allow you access to this content. If you feel you should have access on the below document, please log-in or Contact Us

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