Zero Emissions Day – 21 September 2023

Zero Emissions Day, also known as ZeDay, offers a preview of what a planet without the release of fossil fuels into the air would look like.  A single day to raise awareness on the impact of daily emissions, which are gases and particles emitted by electricity, agriculture, or transportation.  As noticed during COVID lockdowns, a global shutdown of human activity allowed air pollution to lower drastically.

The message of the day is that “You have the power to benefit everyone and everything on the planet.” The concept has gained attention and support from environmentalists, individuals, and organisations striving to promote sustainability and reduce their environmental impact.

One of the key strategies to combat climate change and achieve Sustainable Development Goal 13 is striving for net zero emissions. Global carbon dioxide emissions need to be reduced by forty-five percent by 2030 from 2010 levels, and reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

Actions to reduce emissions:

  • Use energy-efficient appliances.
  • Use sustainable means of transportation and where possible, move by foot or bicycle.
  • Use eco-friendly products.
  • Reduce energy consumption by turning off lights, appliances, and electronics when not in use.
  • Choose energy providers that offer renewable options, such as solar and wind power.
  • Avoid the use of disposable products and single-use plastics.

Each individual needs to try to limit emissions, as they directly affect human health and the environment, causing climate change, air pollution, extreme weather events, and more.

Zero Emission Day Poster 2023Zero Emission Day Poster 2023 (1.25 MB)

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