Zero Emissions Day – 21 September 2021

Zero Emissions Day, also known as ZeDay, is observed by people in several countries across the globe. Zero Emissions Day has been designed to give the world a break from fossil fuels and to raise awareness about the harm caused by carbon emissions. The goal is to engage people towards more climate-friendly choices. Zero Emissions Day is all about having authentic conversations about the future. This is a grassroots initiative and participation is voluntary.

Zero Emissions Day was established in Nova Scotia, Canada in 2008. There has never been a better time to take climate action. This year be encouraged to give the planet a day off by removing CO2 from the air.

Carbon emissions are dangerous in that they threaten the livelihood of the planet, animals, humans, and ultimately, life as we know it. The amount of carbon emissions trapped in the atmosphere causes global warming, which causes climate change, symptoms of which include melting of the polar ice caps, the rising of sea levels, the disturbance of animals’ natural habitats, extreme weather events, and so many more negative side effects that are dangerous to the planet, to human and animal life, and to the future.

The Guidelines are simple:

  • Reduce: Go car-free for the day and walk or cycle wherever possible. Try to go meat-free for the day and turn off all appliances that aren’t being used.
  • Reuse: Try avoiding single-use plastic and paper products and rather than buying new items, repair or upcycle items you already have.
  • Recycle: You can recycle almost all products; plastic, paper, glass, cardboard, metal, electronics, batteries and food. Collect waste and take a trip to the recycling centre.

This Zero Emissions Day, don't just reduce your carbon footprint, remove it. Share ideas and inspirations and start discussions. Get the word out.

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