World Water Monitoring Day – 18 September 2022

World Water Monitoring Day is observed annually on 18 September by approximately 150 counties, with an aim to raise awareness of the importance of water and to educate the masses about protecting water resources by regularly testing water.

This observance was established in 2003 by America's Clean Water Foundation. World Water Monitoring Day encourages people in monitoring the condition of local rivers, streams, estuaries, and other waterbodies.

Monitoring water quality is important for maintaining ecosystem health and the livelihood of the population.

Best practices are needed to monitor and improve water quality. Water quality monitoring is defined as the sampling and analysis of water constituents and conditions. Water quality can be measured by collecting water samples for laboratory analysis or by using probes which can record data at a single point in time or logged at regular intervals over an extended period.

Regularly monitoring water quality is a crucial part of identifying any existing problems, or any issues that could emerge in the future. Assessments based on monitoring data help law makers and water managers measure the effectiveness of water policies, determine if water quality is getting better or worse, and formulate new policies to better protect human health and the environment.

The main indicators of water quality:

  • temperature;
  • dissolved oxygen;
  • clarity;
  • acidity;
  • nutrients, and
  • salinity.

Apart from the aforementioned factors, water quality tests also include looking for toxic chemicals and elements like herbicides, insecticides, and metals.

All animals, human beings and plants require clean water. As users of water, we must take responsibility for our impact on water quality. Water quality monitoring is an essential part of keeping the planet healthy and sustainable.

This initiative is a reminder to live a safe and healthy life while consuming one of the most important resources water for survival.

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