National Transport Month – 1 – 31 October 2020

Since 2005, South Africa annually observes October as National Transport Month. The Department of Transport and its entities showcase transport infrastructure services in aviation, maritime, public transport, and roads.

This month will also be used to further advance the country’s road safety initiatives, while creating awareness of the economic benefits of the sector.

Investments in the transport sector are aimed at stimulating development and creating jobs as part of the country’s Nine-Point Plan. These investments will ensure that an integrated public transport network is built across the country. Investments in rail, road and public transport is changing the way people access their places of work, study, and entertainment. These investments will help to grow our economy, and address the challenges of unemployment, poverty, and inequality.

Transport is vital for economic growth, it provides access to services, and helps to address the triple challenge of unemployment, poverty, and inequality. Therefore transport-related projects should be prioritised.

The effects of COVID-19 are being felt across the transportation sector. The pressure on organisations during this pandemic has shifted from moving citizens to keeping a core transportation system operational with a skeleton workforce to ensure freight and key essential workers can continue to move. A secondary effect of this shift is the sudden change in sources of revenue for transportation operators, with many experiencing an unexpected shortfall in their finances.

Organisations will need to plan ahead to ensure that the transportation network will be ready for a return to normal operations when the coronavirus pandemic lockdown measures are lifted.
Practical next steps to address the COVID-19 impact on the transportation industry

Transportation leaders will be defined by what they do along the three dimensions to managing a crisis: respond, recover, and thrive. Some key next steps include:

  • Determine the cost and revenue implications of low capacity and protection of core assets
  • Protect the availability of key personnel and use training to build up a larger pool of available workers for key roles
  • Engage with Government and other stakeholders to determine the key requirements of the transportation network
  • Create several contingency plans for the resumption of service, taking into account a possible surge in demand

National Transport Month - 1 - 31 October 2020National Transport Month - 1 - 31 October 2020 (692 KB)

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