International Day for Biological Diversity – 22 May 2022

Biodiversity, the variety of life on Earth, makes the planet habitable and beautiful.

Many of us look to the natural environment for pleasure, inspiration, or recreation. We also depend on it for food, energy, raw materials, air and water - the elements that make life as we know it possible and drive our economies.

Biodiversity remains the answer to several sustainable development challenges. From nature-based solutions to climate, health issues, food and water security, and sustainable livelihoods, biodiversity is the foundation upon which we can build back better.

The list of pressures on biodiversity is long and includes the destruction and fragmentation of habitats:

  • pollution of the air, water, and land;
  • overfishing and overuse of resources, forests and land;
  • the introduction of non-native species; and
  • the release of increasing amounts of greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

The International Day of Biological Diversity 2022 is being celebrated under the slogan: “Building a shared future for all life”.

The slogan was chosen to continue building momentum and support for the post-2020 global biodiversity framework to be adopted at the upcoming United Nation Biodiversity Conference.

With the world continuing to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, Biological Diversity Day 2022 will be celebrated mainly virtually.

What can be done to protect Biodiversity?

  • Support nature-protection associations.
  • Do not disturb animals when in nature.
  • Promote biodiversity at the workplace.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by consuming regional, seasonal, eco- labelled products.
  • Buy fish responsibly.
  • Sample local specialities when travelling.
  • Reduce consumption of meat.
  • Use public rubbish receptacles and recycle as much as possible.
  • Use non-polluting household products.
  • Use eco-cosmetics.
  • Buy garden furniture made from certified wood.
  • Do not contribute to the “garbage islands” in the world’s oceans and seas.
  • Support reforestation projects.
  • Encourage local authorities to improve the environment and quality of roads.
  • Do not introduce exotic species into the wild.
  • Reducing consumption of paper and cardboard.
  • Choose gifts with biodiversity in mind.
  • Participate in Biological Diversity Day.

Let us work collectively to support the necessary transitions to bend the curve of biodiversity loss and place biodiversity on the path to recovery by 2030.

Emphasise hope, solidarity, and the importance of working together at all levels to build a future of life in harmony with nature.

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