CAIA News December 2017

CAIA News December 2017


As the New Year draws closer, CAIA launches its “NEWS” that headlines selected activities and accomplishments of the Association and its members. Full articles can be found by following the links provided.

CAIA Launches 2017 Responsible Care® Performance Report

The Chemical and Allied Industries’ Association (CAIA) launched its 2017 Responsible Care® Performance Report at an event that was combined with the Association’s Annual General Meeting and Awards Ceremony.

CAIA Recognises Member Companies for Outstanding Responsible Care® Performance and Achievement

CAIA announced the top achievers for its 2017 Responsible Care® Award, the 2017 Responsible Care®
Haulier Award, the 2017 Responsible Care® Initiative of the Year Awards and the 2017 Responsible Care® Sustained High Performance Award at a gala event that also covered the launch of the CAIA 2017 Responsible Care® Performance Report and the Association’s Annual General Meeting.

CAIA’s Quantitative Indicators of Performance Cycle Achieves a 94.7% Submission Rate

The submission rate of annual Quantitative Indicators of Performance data by signatories to the Responsible Care® Initiative, which is a requirement of CAIA membership, remains high with 94.7% of submissions being approved by the company’s Highest Authority during the 2017 submission cycle.

CAIA Reviews the Scoring Methodology and Criteria for its Prestigious Responsible Care® Award and Responsible Care® Haulier Award

During 2017, CAIA expanded the number and range of safety, health, environmental and community indicators that are used to judge year-on-year performance changes for the purposes of company-specific reporting and short-listing for the Responsible Care® Award and the Responsible Care® Haulier Award.

CAIA Introduces a New Responsible Care® Award to Recognise Sustained High Performance

The year 2017 saw the new Responsible Care® Sustained High Performance Award being introduced that aims to recognise signatories for sustained high performance across three years’ of operations.

CAIA Hosts Celebration of South Africa’s 20 Year Membership of the Chemical Weapons Convention

CAIA celebrated 20 years of the Chemical Weapons Convention during its Transportation of Dangerous Goods Seminar in Johannesburg.

CAIA Hosts Process Safety Expert Dialogue

A Responsible Care® Process Safety Expert Dialogue, hosted by CAIA, was held on 12 and 14 September 2017 in Johannesburg and Durban, respectively.

Responsible Care® SQAS-Southern Africa Auditor Training

CAIA presented training for SQAS-Southern Africa auditors.

CAIA Asks for Stronger NEDLAC Focus on Reduction and Elimination of Industry Risks and Sustainable Development

While CAIA agrees that NEDLAC has made significant progress in finding compromises and sustainable solutions that carry the support of social partners as well as organised business and labour, it is CAIA’s contention that safety, health and environmental practices need more attention.

CAIA Commits to Review Management Practice Standards and Associated Audit Guidance Documents

In today’s world, processes are dynamic and technology is always changing. This requires every organisation to maintain up-to-date procedures and guidance documents.

CAIA Reintroduces the Process Safety Forum in Kwa-Zulu Natal

The Kwa-Zulu Natal Process Safety Forum was disbanded after the meeting held on 27 October 2016, but will be reinstated in 2018.

CAIA to Automate Data Analyses

As the number of Responsible Care® Awards increases and data analyses become more quantitative and complex, with more indicators to be considered, the automation of data analyses for the purposes of aggregate annual reporting, short-listing for Awards purposes, sub-sector benchmarking, the identification of focus areas for members as well as the Association; becomes more important.

Learn about Independent Power Producers and Power Purchase Agreements on 22 February 2018

Independent Power Producers have become an important source of investment in the power sector in a number of African countries, but Power Purchase Agreements need to be crafted to balance the interest of the various parties so as not to be a source of risk to the stakeholders.

2018 Calendar

The CAIA 2018 Calendar is available on the CAIA website.

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