Multimodal Transportation of Dangerous Goods Seminar

Seminar Overview

Efficient and safe modes of transport are an important driver for the progress of any business and ultimately any country. Businesses are benefitting from the new opportunities emerging in the markets across the African continent. The face of transport corridors in Africa is changing as new technologies emerge. It is therefore important that business find ways to transport their merchandise safely, economically and in compliance with all applicable legislation.

The road freight transportation system in South Africa is very dependent on the availability of road space and condition. The seminar will address the contents of the new Road Policy and concerns expressed by industry on the National Road Traffic Regulations. Furthermore, the control of goods entering and leaving the Republic is considered one of the core functions of the Customs and Excise Department of SARS. Current legislation and policy require specific documents to be endorsed. The seminar will provide an insight into border control management as well as community and industry protection in the South African landscape.

Changes in dangerous goods transportation legislation, regulations and related SANS codes are inevitable. Dangerous Goods Regulations mandate all individuals and businesses involved in the handling, warehousing, and transportation of dangerous goods to receive training and adhere to the South African Codes of Practice. The seminar will address such legislation and ways to achieve compliance and avoid penalties.

All presentations will include information on the fundamentals of dangerous goods transportation as well as modal specific presentations from the Department of Transport, Railway Safety Regulator, SARS and SADC/NEPAD.

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