Voluntary Advisory Forum

Voluntary Advisory Forum (VAF)

Voluntary Advisory Forum

The VAF provides Responsible Care® signatories with essential stakeholder feedback by means of an advisory panel drawn from all walks of life, including academic and research institutions, environmental NGOs and organised labour in order to promote continuous improvement in the health, safety and environmental performance of the South African chemical industry.

In the broad field of health, safety and environmental matters in the chemical industry, the Forum will be expected at least to:

Raise issues of concern about companies in the Chemical Industry who are members of the Association.
Convey the views of the Forum members and their organisations about the way they perceive the Chemical Industry.
Provide input on public concerns regarding the Association and on member company communication with the public.
Bring regional problems to CAIA’s attention and encourage Community Awareness and Emergency Response (CAER) committees to liaise with CAIA/Forum members.
Raise issues of international standards and best practises that may impact on health, safety and the environment as well as any other related issues.
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