Process Safety Forum

Process Safety Forum

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The purpose of the Responsible Care® Process Safety Fora is to provide an opportunity for member companies to assist one another by sharing best practises and pooling resources with specific benefits for smaller companies who don't have the necessary resources for training. The Fora have undertaken to keep CAIA members informed about Process Safety issues and to discuss and share experiences and concerns arising from incidents. All CAIA members are welcome.

Process Safety Forum – 06 April 2022

PSF Meeting Minutes - 6 April 2022 Final

Process Safety Forum – 20 January 2022

PSF Meeting Minutes - 20 January 2022 Final

Process Safety Forum – 21 July 2021

PSF Meeting Minutes - 21 July 2021 DP FINAL

Joseph S-Feedback Presentation - 21 July 2021

Joseph S-Guidelines for a sound SOP


Ryan F-NMU - Process Safety course

Terrence M-Case Study_LPG Tanker Truck Accident

Yvonne S-Process Safety Incident -Combustible Dust

Yvonne S-Self-Assessment Tool for Senior Executives_Draft for PSF Feedback

Terrence M-19 dead, 172 injured after tanker truck explosion in Zhejiang Province

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Process Safety Forum – 08 June 2021

IOP Incident Video Final 2020

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Process Safety Forum – 13 May 2021

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Adriaan Van Wyk - Overfill Vapor Cloud Formation – Evaluation with CFD Modelling

Shivashkar Suthan - Reduction of PS Incidents WP Presentation - 13 May 2021_Rev1

Terrence Moothusamy - Emergency Preparedness

Yvonne Singwani - Process Safety Leadrship and Culture CAIA

Terrence Moothusamy - MHI Regulations_Key Highlights

PSF Meeting Minutes - 13 May 2021 DP FINAL

Ryan Francis - PSM Business Case

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