Trade Initiatives

CAIA is regularly involved with negotiations at the National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC)...


Every three years, verification of compliance is conducted by trained Responsible Care® auditors using the Responsible Care®...


CAIA periodically holds Workshops and Networking Sessions that address Process Safety, Responsible Care® matters...

Process Safety Fora

Members meet regularly in Johannesburg and Durban to share knowledge and information on improving process safety.

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Responsible Care®

What is Responsible Care®


Responsible Care® is the chemical industry's own, unique, global initiative - a voluntary programme that helps it to raise its standards and win greater trust from the public.

Responsible Care® envisages a profitable, sustainable chemical sector in South Africa that contributes to the quality of human life and the economy through innovation and production, without harm to people, property or the environment. Responsible Care® aims to ensure that South Africa’s chemical sector is recognised by all stakeholders as a responsible industry playing an important role in bringing a wide range of benefits to society, while remaining open, honest and credible in all its dealings.

About Us


Origins of CAIA

The Chemical and Allied Industries' Association (CAIA) was established in 1993, though its origins can be traced back to the Transvaal Chemical Manufacturers' Association (TCMA), which was formed over 50 years ago.

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