Policy and Legislative Initiatives

Policy & Legislative Initiatives

Supporting members through Policy and Legislation

Policy & Legislative Initiatives

CAIA advocates members’ interests by tracking publications in the Government Gazette on a daily basis, and provides relevant notifications to members via a Weekly Advocacy Alert that is provided in a user-friendly format by email.

Some of the published notices are for information purposes, while draft publications are for member consideration and comment. In this way CAIA is able to provide members with sufficient time to provide input into the consolidated position which CAIA prepares for Government consideration.

Comments provided by members, as well as high level comments provided by the CAIA Secretariat, are used to put positions of members forward in writing, or during face-to-face engagements including negotiations which may take place. Where necessary, Work Groups are established to provide members with the opportunity to discuss technical challenges for position development.

An ad-hoc Advocacy Update is also provided which contains the latest information and updates on key advocacy issues.



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